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Originally Posted by Conrad View Post
I know you're less prolific than you used to be, but you still miss the point about complaining about time and taking input. You speak TOO MUCH before you listen. That hasn't changed. You're more interested in arguing a position than learning. That hasn't changed. Do I care about you? YES. Have I been reading your posts lately? YES. It appears that you've fallen for the popular fallacy that anything negative is hatred.

Instead of always telling us what you think you know, maybe point us to resources?

Mr Heiser put it a certain way. Academics and scholars (not me) don't bother correcting the flagrant ignorance that's out there (his example was Davinci Code) because they think it's beneath them. That doesn't help anyone. Maybe they've just learned not to deal with the hard-heads (eph 4).

You got half of the answer to fire breathing. Thanks Nate.
I havent fallen for anything. I simply do not aggree with you. I am still "prolific" I just have other commitments.

I am pretty certain that we have never talked on the phone, because I made records that I still have of all the people I phoned, and heard from during my American Dreams Tours...and outside of that I have had no verbal contact with anyone from this forum except those at UFC85 and you were not amoung them. I could tell you all about my records which are extensive to say the least, and provide you with photographic information made at the time...if my scanner will behave

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