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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Actually GOD described the Leviathon as being able to breathe fire:

Job 41: 18-21

So, yes, I do believe that some of the dinosaurs could breathe fire. Probably a similar organic mechanism as the bombardier beetle. Of course, those organs wouldn't have been a part of the animal's skeletal structure, so they wouldn't have survived fossilization. However, GOD says it could breathe fire, so I believe it could breathe fire.

First assumption is that a leviathon is a Dinosaur.
Second Assumption is that a Dinosaur is a Dragon.
Final assumption, that this is a literal description.

Dont forget Job is the same book that claims Lucifer casually pops into heaven and appears directly in GODs holy presence. That can not be a litteral account.

I actually dont have trouble believeing that a Leviathon could be a dragon...I am sceptikal about a large fire breathing animal...and even less inclined to believe that Dinosuar, Leviathon and Dragon are all the same thing.

I do like your bombadier bettle example. If that sort of thing could be magnified, then I suppose logically it would be possible...

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