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ok, I've been trying to get this phrased right in my head for a few days, because I don't wanna share all the details.

I'm finally getting a vacation, & not just a day off. I'm taking 2 weeks plus today. I'm traveling, but not to lay on a beach. My car has been in generally bad shape, but the mechanic said it would be ok for a long distance trip. Let's just say that I need to get to where I'm going. I'm expected there.

So, first, please pray that my car will get me to where I'm going. Second, I'm supposed to be of some use to others this vacation, so pray for that too. If you wanna pray that it makes it home too, great! Thanks. If it doesn't make it home, I can find another means to return. I'll be leaving Saturday morning, the 21st, for part of the drive out, and driving the second part out on Sunday.

Third, on the way there and back, I'll be stopping off with some unbelievers who have been through some life-events that might have them open to the Gospel. Please pray for that. I need an opportunity to plant seeds at least. These people generally tough cookies.

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