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If I remember correctly, when the issue of blood testing first came up, well over a year ago, both sides had said that all the other terms had been agreed upon except for the blood tests.

Regardless, that was then and this is now. Pacquiao brings a lot to the table, but I've always thought Floyd deserved the lions share of the money, for various reasons, and that Arum has been the one standing in the way of the fight getting made. However, Floyd hasn't helped his public perception much the past year by spending more time on TMZ than in the Boxing ring. Still, the fact remains that this is the biggest money fight in the sport, and both guys need each other to make it happen, so if a 50/50 split is what it's gonna take then Floyd may need to come down or risk losing money, or even the fight all together. They have been toying with this fight for about as long as possible, and honestly the interest was probably at it's peak about a year and a half ago. The window is slowly closing, and every other fight they take is becoming a greater risk of destroying the value of this fight (especially for Pacquiao).

Arum is crazy if he thinks people should believe that May 5th is too soon because this fight needs more time to promote or that it needs some special outdoor stadium that he wants to build. That is ridiculous. This fight has had all the buildup in the world, and he knows May 5th is the perfect date.

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