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Ugh, this is ridiculous. Mayweather called Pac to make the fight, demands Pac take a drug test, Pac agrees and in return, Pac said they could make the fight if the purse is a 50/50 split. Mayweather rejected this.

Boxing is really annoying sometimes. I was blaming Arum for avoiding the fight due to greed, and now Mayweather is doing the same. The jackass calls out Pacquiao, gets a get out of jail free card (temporarily), calls Pacquiao and still isn't honestly trying to make the fight. I've said forever that no matter what, Mayweather will find some way out of the fight. First it was money, then the drug test, now it's back to money. I no longer honestly think Mayweather is afraid to fight Pac, but this greed is just stupid. Just make the damn fight!

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