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It was confirmed today that Mayweather called Pacquiao and talked to him directly. Pac said he still wants the fight and it's blatantly obvious Mayweather wants it. However, Pac said they did not talk about the date of the fight. This tells me that perhaps Mayweather isn't tremendously concerned that he fight Pac for sure on May 5, but after he gets out of jail.

Regardless, these guys want the fight, we want the fight. Arum is a true piece of •••• worrying about his other stadium to make 30 million. I don't have a problem with people making money, but jeeze, how much is enough and how long is his greedy ass going to continue to deprive us of this fight? The rest of us are just trying to survive this recession and he's openly talking about delaying/preventing the biggest fight of the decade so he can make significantly more money when you know he's already got more than enough. Hopefully Manny will threaten Arum to make the fight or he'll retire.

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