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Perhaps I am happy as I am. Dont expect to influence me as a faceless screen name. Those who do talk and advise me from this forum have known me for years, have probably met me, or spoken to me on the phone, I know and trust them.

You waltz in here once a year and expect me to watch and value your videos and links? I dont know you! Give me one reason why I should listen to your input? What you dont get Conrad, is that this was a community where some people posted everyday and made friendships, friendships so real, that trips were arranged across oceans and across state boarders for those regular members to meet up. In person. In the flesh. I dont care if you believe what I'm saying or not. This is a Forum, questions are asked, and everyone answers. The whole idea is to give your view. not to go swallow a bloody set of encyclopedia, and return ten months later with some undisputable scholarly Phd. Try to understand, I dont need your input to have valid and logical merit in a conversation. I dont have to aggree with you on matters of doctrine, or dogma. Dissagreeing with you doesnt make me ignorant. Your views are simply bias in an opposite direction. Theres always some hidden evidence that science is trying to conspire against, in your zeitgiest. Some of us arent so melodramatic! Finally...if you paid attention, you would know how little I post on this place, and how little I have posted in the last year and a half compared to what I used to post YEARS AGO when you were probably last here. More to the point, you would know WHY.

YEs dear. I have talked to you on the phone. I actually read (past tesnse) here w/o logging in for so long, I lost my log-on. So, it's not exactly "waltzing" on.

I know you're less prolific than you used to be, but you still miss the point about complaining about time and taking input. You speak TOO MUCH before you listen. That hasn't changed. You're more interested in arguing a position than learning. That hasn't changed. Do I care about you? YES. Have I been reading your posts lately? YES. It appears that you've fallen for the popular fallacy that anything negative is hatred.

Instead of always telling us what you think you know, maybe point us to resources?

Mr Heiser put it a certain way. Academics and scholars (not me) don't bother correcting the flagrant ignorance that's out there (his example was Davinci Code) because they think it's beneath them. That doesn't help anyone. Maybe they've just learned not to deal with the hard-heads (eph 4).

You got half of the answer to fire breathing. Thanks Nate.
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