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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I read the one about debating the scriptures with Catholics...I found it devisive for the underlying premise...that Roman Catholics are an established denomination

I read every book someone has sent me though over a course of months

The CDs I only rediscovered when I removed my ADT display...I'd stuck them up on the wall

I do the Chronologically through the year Bible. Every day, at lunchtime, whilst I eat my soup

You know I'm up for watching things under half an hour...but I dont have a free 60mins. I could listen to that Dragons blah...or I could phone my sister, whose Husband-to-be, lost his Father in a sudden heart attack last Saturday. I could listen to the dragons blah...or I could reply to my Lawyers...I could listen to the Dragons Blah...or I could spend an hour and a half at the gym everyday, because i'm overweight by a long way having grossly misstreated the body GOD gave me.

What I cant all of them. At least not all at once LOL

Sweet. Glad you read them. Too bad you're wrong about the Catholic book being divisive. It's called doctrine. The issue is dividing truth from error. "Divisive" is the wimpering cry of those clinging to sin in the face of doctrine. Don't remember the CD's, but that's ok. I'm glad you're reading your bible.

You totally missed the point, which is why I stopped trying with you years ago.
GET OFF THE DAMN FORUM and then you'll have time.
LEARN WHERE YOU'RE IGNORANT instead of constantly yapping all over the place.
CHECK OUT WHAT PEOPLE SAY instead of just talking. (I actually quit the reading and contributing on the forum for about 6 months because there wasn't a single topic you weren't busy destroying.)

I see your busy list. I get it. It's no different for anyone else. "Busy" is the simplest excuse we can make. If you're to busy to learn, then stop talking.
When I was teaching, I didn't post on the forum because of time. If you had 30 mins like you said, then break the vid into two sessions, like you implied (I think you implied it). There's no rule that you have to watch it all at once or at all. What I was trying to point out is that you blather from ignorance, regularly. If you aren't taking input, then stop talking like you know anything. Whom should I believe, a Hebrew scholar and paleontologist, or you? The other side of the point was that you don't listen. Shut up and take input before you keep going.

I was a little embarrassed to post so wordy before, but it was better at the time than this bluntness. I'm trying to help you. What does it take to get through your thick head? That's a genuine question. This post is rude, but it's a different tact, per Ichabod Spencer.
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