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I read the one about debating the scriptures with Catholics...I found it devisive for the underlying premise...that Roman Catholics are an established denomination

I read every book someone has sent me though over a course of months

The CDs I only rediscovered when I removed my ADT display...I'd stuck them up on the wall

I do the Chronologically through the year Bible. Every day, at lunchtime, whilst I eat my soup

You know I'm up for watching things under half an hour...but I dont have a free 60mins. I could listen to that Dragons blah...or I could phone my sister, whose Husband-to-be, lost his Father in a sudden heart attack last Saturday. I could listen to the dragons blah...or I could reply to my Lawyers...I could listen to the Dragons Blah...or I could spend an hour and a half at the gym everyday, because i'm overweight by a long way having grossly misstreated the body GOD gave me.

What I cant all of them. At least not all at once LOL

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