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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
if it was music (like mine mostly are) I could have put it on in the background. but as a Documentary...I'd have to do nothing but watch.

Mine you only usually have to listen...not actually watch
Good things take time Dave, like reading the books I sent you years ago. You said you got them, did you use them? If so, I'd expect to have heard from you about the content. Dr. Robert Lustig described the best foods (sugar vs. fiber) as taking time to prepare, eat, and digest. Likewise, learning takes time.

You can type for how-long-at-a-time all over a forum, but you can't sit still and learn instead? Time management? Keep talking, and you'll run out, if you haven't already.

Consider balancing your expressive time against the possibility of listening to someone else's research for, in this case, 80 minutes. Speak/type less. Listen/observe more. It helps us learn to discern good information from bad. You've run out of info. Many YouTube visuals are mere decorations. This dino-video is visual at points. I do other things, dishes, lifting, etc., and rewind when I think there was something to see. Hmmmm... Do you press your laundry? MP3 player with sermon audio while walking to work or audio bible?

Check out the vid I've posted from the Hebrew scholar. You'll learn a lot, but might have to watch twice. However, like how I recommend books: If you aren't reading your Bible, then get that down and digested before branching off into other stuff. It's the first filter. Ok, that said, I'm really picky about what links I share.

My posts are almost like your elephants, and I presume few people read them because of that. I can't write forever and/or be on every thread, or else I'd hardly do anything, such as study biblical-related things or lift. Why do you think I log-on only in spurts? Besides, I read here without logging on and the the training/nutrition area hasn't moved in weeks.

I have time now because I'm waiting through long tests of the dreaded Domain-log-on-over-wi-fi, which is taking >5min per test. :( This isn't working and vacation is still 5.5 hours away.
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