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Is this the Matt Hughes Forum or Coast to Coast with Art Bell?

Pfft! Art Bell and George Noory are cheap amateurs!!


No, I'm just kidding, and I presume you were too despite the unsure smiley. I don't listen to Coast to Coast. But, the presenter in the video I posted for Dave has been on there a few times, he says. He has a ministry in what I called "Evangelizing the Weirdos." I called it that not to be derogatory, but because my church is wound way too tight. That label made it palatable. I don't need another new reputation. Here's a link to his Bio...

Note for whom he works and then read last full paragraph of his biography, about ministry. The presenter in that video I linked for Dave is their ancient Semitic languages expert. Then note the link on this page:
Yes, that's a link on one of MATT'S pages.
Look under "Other links" and click on Bible Study Software.
Small world. Watch the video from the previous post.
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