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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
No, the correct assumption is the Human blue print is DNA. They have already shown that all life on earth uses DNA sequences, Humans are NOT exempt from that as paternity tests and genetically inherited Diseases proove. This is already happening...its not liberal propergander, we already know about the Human Genome. We already know that DNA is the hard-drive to EVERY living thing...not just Animals or mamals...but plants, bacteria, virus, and Humans

They are already offering pre birth screening to try and tell if babies have certain diseases, and if so...well....

Also what you dont realize is that most of these Genetic modifications are FOR Humans. They can programme Viruses to distroy cancer cells. But that means letting those "created" virus INTO a Human being. They can also do the same with a bacteria...infact once you get a genetic code you can put it into any cell and make it do what the code instructs.

Nathan, this is on a par to Nephilim I think. Except now we have NOONE else to blame but ourselves and can not blame the Host for these soon to be creations.
Not to be pedantic, but there are many viruses that use RNA as their genetic code (HIV, the common cold, hepatitis, influenza, polio, mumps, measles, SARS, Ebola, etc. ). In addition, prions are protein-based infectious agents. One could argue if they are "life" but since you included viruses . . .
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