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I know the Nephilim were cross breeds between Host and Human. I know that they were characteristically different from humans in terms of size and strength.

I Know the GOD did not approve.

It is the only time, prior to this Generation, that Created Beings have decided to "Create" and been successful and spawning Life that does not naturally Eminate from Eden.

I Know that whilst the deluge seemed to have killed off the vast majority of still here bits in scripture that seem to describe humans with those attributes at least until the Nation of Israel moves to a full blown and stable Kingdom.

I know, every so often you hear people around the world supposedly finding remains of "Giants" and that almost as a race memory, these beings are found amoung myths and legends all over the world.
Ok, it sounds like you're familiar. you might like to check out Michael Heiser's lectures from 2004-2005. I don't know what conference he was at, but it was an all-day thing with him and occassionally another person. Guy Malone put them together. I think one was "The Davinci Coda" and another was one of the Ancient of Days conferences. It would be an AoD conference, but they look really similar (classroom, attire) to the Coda conference.

If you look up Michael Heiser on Vimeo/YouTube, you'll find a really good HEWBREW explanation of the Nephilim and Sons of God. Don't go for the one with the "prophesy" title until after sitting through the others a couple times. Outta time now, but if anyone asks, I'll post links later on tonight.

Or..I have a sec now...
Here it is... Follow the Hebrew. Note that he talks about the vowel points, but doesn't rely on them. There's an extra letter inserted that looks like a really fat apostrophe.
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