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Funding for Flailing Acadamies (Schools which joined together under Labour)

Reform is Due

Unemployment rises. Opposition very unhappy

Government takes responsibility and helps people back to work

Forcasts say it will get worse

Forcasts are independant and no longer Government produced

He's So incompetant, he cant even perform a U-Tern Properly

What help for those Ex Service who are traumatised

The Fighting Fit report has reccomendations, these have been activated

Liner sunk in Med, Liners Visit Clyde in Scotland, We've just shut our Coast Guard station!

We dont even know why it sunk! When we do, We'll re-evaluate the need for the station

We want the draft copy of The Water Bill

Yes, within a few months

Legal Charges against RBS

We are dealing with a banking overhaul

Abandon the NHS Reform


"Where does the Prime Minister Think The Womans place is" Women unemployment is twice as bad.

We're doing our best

Is it fair that some full time workers get less then those on benefits

We are now activating a cap

Caps hurt those who actually cant work for medical illhealth

thats taken into consideration

Online Bingo advertisments on Terrestrial TV before the watershed is unethical

The last Government allowed it, but its well regulated

Give councils more planning laws against Bookies

Localism is good

Tell Argentina Where to go over the Faulkland Islands

We will commemorate the thirtieth year. We will tell Argentina where to go.

unemployment in wales

check the forecast

Discussion: Should the European Union Working Time Directive be applied to the National Health Service.

Trade in Asia is up due to a special link between financial insittutions of London and Hong Kong

Coilitions position on Inheritance Tax

Check the colition agreement

England must stop other countries dealing arlms with Syria

We point the finger at Hezbollah, Turkey and Iran

We failed with aid in the Horn of Africa, West Africa is calling, we must act quicker then before

we shall study the report

Update of law on drugs and driving.

The European Court of Human Rights needs to be reformed, following its rullings on convicted hate preachers.

We support this reform. We shall go to Europe and tell them.

The Government must meet with family of the boy who was abducted and sold to slavery to combat this rising crime

Of course

When is the Prime Minister due at The Levenson Enquiry.

Whenever they invite me
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