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I didnt even know this thread existed b/c I have been out of the country!!! I had full plans to attend the Ohio fight we always do

Then, I heard Matt was doing the Q&A and couldnt wait to see him and ask him something.............but what????

At the last minute, my mom won a cruise vacation and of course she asked me to go!!!!! I am her favorite!!!!! I had 2 days notice, but I the internet!

So, I missed the Q&A .....most of you may think the vacation would have been better than the fight, but not me!

I Hated missing the fight!!!!!!! My brother got my tickets and I missed the whole weekend, I actually just got back in town......and just logged in and couldn't believe this thread!

FYI........Boomer, I would have totally asked your singing and dancing question, that was awesome!!!!

and no, I never got my Christmas Quiz prize......hmmmm, wonder why???

And Matt.......dont even think about banning me!
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