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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
We are not trustworthy enough to handle this. GOD needs to deliver another Babel blow before there is truely no stopping us
I agree, but most modern geneticists are working from the false assumption that human beings are nothing more than highly evolved apes. Humans aren't animals and we are not mammals; we are a special creation that was created separate from and superior to the animals. So I highly doubt that geneticists will ever be able to manipulate humans the way they've been able to manipulate animals. I think all the hype about "designer humans" is nothing more than a science fiction fantasy that will never come about. Even if it is possible, GOD still has it all under control and there is nothing that human beings can ever do to frustrate GOD's plans.

The dangers inherent in genetic engineering are nothing more than can be expected when sinful, corrupt men try to tamper with GOD's handiwork. So, I'm not saying it's a good thing, but it's not something that I have any say in or control over, so it's best to just leave it in GOD's hands and trust that He's got it under control.
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