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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
People have been manipulating the DNA of plants and animals for thousands of years through selective breeding. Genesis 30 describes how Jacob made himself wealthy using this form of genetic engineering (interestingly enough, it was with goats as well). So I wouldn't necessarily have a problem with this as long as this new breed of goats is healthy and viable and as long as this new form of engineering stays confined to animals.
There is a BIG difference between Selective Breeding and Genetically Creating.

Besides...tell me who you think funds this sort of research and whether you think they can be trusted with it. Its the big coorperations!

As for healthy and viable, may be they are in a lab...but dont you remember the start to 28 days later? Some anarchistic, "save the animals" organisation would only need to accidently and with the best of intentions, release these things in the wild, and the impact on the ecosystems, not to mention the progression through breeding, or interbreeding would ADD a man made element to GODs creation.

We also know that this has been and WILL BE applied to Humans. Of course it will!!! if you could create humans who are stronger, you could make your own army. If you design humans that are more healthy, you reduce the strain on the health service. If you could cap humans so they died at 80 think of the relief on the bloody pension system!

..GOD help us if it gets into the hands of terrorists who start creating their own lethal bugs to kill specific races. Imagine if all Hitler needed to do was release something into the air that would kill Jews AND ONLY JEWS...or everyone who wasnt Aryan, get the picture.

We are not trustworthy enough to handle this. GOD needs to deliver another Babel blow before there is truely no stopping us
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