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Since I'm up still, here's an article.

Gene manipulation For The Win!!...and for nation-building! Not all Monsanto products are "terminator" gene plants. Those that are often pollinate. The "postwar document" mentioned in the article below is actually old. Buddhist new-ager Ian Crane keeps in eye on these things and was talking several years ago about the US/Monsanto installed laws about seeds.

Is this why a guy from my church is now in the graveyard and his mom would freak out if you spoke against the war? No. He thought he was helping the Iraqi people. And he did help them, for his part. He just didn't know that he was fooled for the sake of other agenda, such as oil.
"Do you think we'd be in Iraq if their main export was broccoli?" -Trends Research Institute

Five years of occupation, more than $558 billion spent, 4,182 U.S. soldiers and 655,000 Iraqi civilians dead, and it now looks like Monsanto (NYSE.MON - $71.95) is going to be the real victor in Iraq thanks to a postwar document known as Order 81.

Part of the infamous 100 Orders, Order 81 mandates that Iraq’s commercial-scale farmers must now purchase "registered” seeds. These are available through agribusiness giants like Monsanto, Cargill Corporation (a private company) and the World Wide Wheat Company (also private), but Monsanto is far and away the most significant player in the registered seed market.

Monsanto’s seeds are “terminator” seeds. This means they are inherently sterile, and any seed they produce does not give birth to more plants.

The technology behind registered seed is called genetic modification, and genetically modified (GM) seeds supposedly can’t reproduce, though “drift,” via wind currents and bird consumption, has resulted in a great many instances where GM crops ended up in fields where they were not planted.

A classic example is Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser, whose canola fields inexplicably sprouted GM varieties from Monsanto. Monsanto promptly sued Schmeiser for patent infringement.

Originally developed to avert world hunger (at least according to Monsanto), these GM crops not only do not produce more than their non-modified cousins, but the herbicide Roundup, developed in tandem by Monsanto to treat GM fields, is becoming increasingly ineffective. This has led to more herbicide purchases among farmers, greater profits for Monsanto, increasingly smaller yields, and greater environmental pollution overall.

The love of money is the root of all [types of] evils.

It's worth your while to read the rest of the article. Who's playing God now?

Residue from Roundup and its side chemicals cause cellular issues that eventually (30 years) lead to cancers. GMO plants have been found to be less nutritious than natural counterparts. That's ok, according to the planet-depopulating UN. The Codex Alimentarius committee, headed and directed by a Monsanto executive, declared that there is no relationship between nutrition and health AND DECLARED ALL NUTRIENTS AS TOXINS. Mr. Monsanto insisted that therefore, nutrients must be controlled to minimal survival levels, on behalf of the population, via genetic manipulation. I can explain their logic if you ask. It's a sleight-of-hand trick. The WHO studied that claim and declared that if Codex was implemented, 2 billion people, mostly 3rd world, would die from malnutrition-related illnesses within a few years. Then, they rubber-stamped approval, yes, approval, on Codex and handed it over to the WTO. So much for world health! That was somewhere back in 2004-2007. Still wanna plant & eat Roundup-Ready crops anyone? I can't get away from Monsanto soy!!

"They" want us dead. Global population under 1/2 billion.

Libya is even more fun...
Welcome to information overload. The world NEVER was what I thought it was when I graduated high school way back when.

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