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Selective breeding is way different from this manipulation. Monsanto-type work isn't selective breeding. Supposedly, Germany already banned Monsanto corn because of evidence of harm to humans (harm to reproductive function if not potential sterilization). What I heard was that Monsanto sued Germany, claiming that they had a right to sell their products and seed globally. They lost. However, unlike the salmon (not a monsanto project), the canola, and the corn, I doubt the spider-goats will accidentally get out into "clean" goat populations.

Cross breeding is fine, but this stuff violates "kind bringing forth after their kind." It's creepy cuz man is playing God. Saw a vid on weather control recently. The leaned a bit on how nature doesn't have it right. Disgusting.

Quick warning. If monsanto pollen blows onto your farm and you don't know it, be forewarned. Their men trespass on farms regularly to test crops, your private property, to see if it has their genes in it. Then, they sue you for PATENT infringement! That's right, they successfully hold you responsible for windblown pollens, like canola and corn, even though you never made a contract with them. Because of them, the planet is almost out of natural corn. Meanwhile, their products are downgrading our health. For more on Monsanto, search for "codex alimentarius monsanto". If their executives have their way at the WTO (codex is a joint between WHO & WTO at the UN), then we won't be permitted to consume any non-GMO food. WTO policy already started a couple years ago that made unlicensed backyard gardens illegal under the WTO/UN. If you think that's silly because you don't see it enforced, enforcement isn't the current function. First, you pass a bunch of laws, then, when a disaster presents opportunity, you start enforcing everything. The only thing standing between now and global slavery is the smoldering US Constitution. Meanwhile, food is being weaponized, today, in your mouth. To bad that 99% of politicians are collectivists...globalists. Look up "agenda 21 rio de janeiro 1992". Had enough yet?

On a happier note, there is one lab that does this work. They do the research with a gene gun, like Monsanto. They did it with different rices. Then, when they find what they want, they destroy all the mutants so that the artificial splices don't get into the natural population unlike Monsanto, and then cross breed to properly bring out the characteristics they found artificially. I forgot the lab's name, but they did great work with rice.

Dave! You had me jump in shock at the word eugenics! I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop and for eugenics to come up again, but I didn't think the opportunity existed yet. Anyway, it looks like you're catching up to the times! Welcome aboard to reality.

Eugenics (even though dave meant gene-splicing) is lingering out there, in PETA, the Sierra Club, WWF, Nature Conservancy, or any of the other we-changed-the-name-after-WWII-covert-racist-anti-humanity organizations (PETA is more recent, though). I've been expecting those who call humanity "a virus on the planet" to propose sterilization laws again like we had before Hitler made it unpopular. Get this... pre-WWII, Churches participated, measuring congregants and reporting, holding contests.

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