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But I would also distinguish between a hoarder and a packrat. People who are packrats are usually conditioned into that lifestyle as a result of growing up in poverty. I know that some people who lived through the Great Depression learned how to be packrats as a matter of survival. My grandparents were like that and they passed it on to my parents, who passed it on to me. As a result, I have a very hard time throwing some things away, especially if I can conceive of some way that it might be useful in the future.
Same here on the Future Usefulness issue. Things got a too cluttered in the closet and storage bins, which helped me start facing the reality that I'd most likely never use the "leftovers" or whatever.

Two things were really helpful before that. First was a money-topic bible study that dealt with stewardship and contentment. Next was pausing to think about how realistic I was about ever getting-around-to ideas/project or the reality of if Future Use.
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