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Originally Posted by Tyburn
You are ONLY soverign INSIDE yourself...

You are NOT soverign over ANY other Nation.

The United Nations is made up of MANY Nations Denise...why would we be powerless without you? China...Russia...are not exactly walk-overs...neither incase you hadnt realized are France, Germany, Britain....WHO do you think your allies are exactly?

So you DONT have Soverignty outside of your own governance...anymore then you own your next door neighbours house! You dont own the bloody street because you have your own soverignty!!

You are a House on the Street, next to other Houses...if only you had more direct boarders with other nations rather then the sea you would have learned VERY quickly. In Europe, we Need to work together, because over thousands of years disputes have been settled by might. You all live in a continent too far away from any other nations to realize that sometimes you dont have control OUTSIDE your nation. You have a placid and dignified Canada to the North, minute Island Nations in the gulf, and a third world Mexico to your south.

Do you know how many times England has been invaded in the past 2K????
haha france

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