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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
My friend turns on "Hoarders" when his wife starts letting things slip. After watching the show, she always goes on a cleaning spree. Smart man.
Right on!

Looking at a few posts....not all quoted here...

A couple side notes--
--When I ended my long post, I said "Living in a diry house can be sinful..." in one of the last couple lines. That was supposed to be in the context of "depending on what else is going on, which is where the sin would be," which I think I alluded to above. Yeah, it's a long post.

--Mark's question fit a template of "Is it a sin to _______?" A dirty house doesn't imply hoarding. My long answer meant to be academic, not marriage counseling or pinning anything on Mark of course. It seems like some of the discussion is blurring lines too much between the root question and the thing that sparked the curiosity (a show). I know the topic will shift, sure, but distinctions are helpful.

To live in a dirty house is not sinful, but it may be related to sin. The house isn't, but let's say the laziness and irresponsibility are because of what Mark said later, not taking care of the resource God gave you, for example.

On that note, if you body itself is a resource, then is it sinning "against one's own body*" not to take some care of it or the place it dwells?

(*that phrase was originally used in scripture of sexual sin.)
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