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Originally Posted by flo View Post
I heard they (spiders) were not farmable because they just don't put out a lot of silk at one time. That's why silk worms are farmed rather than spiders.

I read that the farmed "goat silk" will be used to make military armor, etc., which will theoretically be much stronger than what is now used. On the one hand, I am grateful for anything that will save lives of our military. But I am uncomfortable with all this genetic cloning and experimentation. It seems wrong and where will it end?
ohh...yes...they have positive the yeast cells they are teaching to perspire petrolium rather then know, end of the depandancy on finite oil fields.

The point is not whether the results can have good whether it should be done.

This ISNT mere cloning...this is "creating" you can only clone what already exists., just means copying something that already exists.

No...these Spider Goats DO NOT exist in the wild. They are a Human CREATED species. This is the next step of Genetically modified

First we copied (Clone)
Then we enhanced (Genetically modified)
Now we are CREATING...we arent modifying a natural thing...or copying a natural thing...we are creating a life form which GOD did not create. We are designing from scratch, at a microbe level...a completely new form of life. One which we designed, fully.

Thats soooo wrong its unspeakable
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