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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
also, i believe the scriptures have a solution for everything we deem mental illness as well...... I don't think there is any place for pychiatrists in christianity, i understand the need for them that blatantly reject God and have no hope of rest or wit, then we as a society need to drug them to protect them from themselves and others, but as christians, we have other solutions to go to rather than drugs or secular conseling
I would definitely agree with that. As Christians, GOD gives us the Holy Spirit for all of our needs, so to completely ignore the resources that the Holy Spirit provides and rely solely on human wisdom (psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, doctors, lawyers, scientists, philosophers, politicians, etc.) to solve our problems would definitely be a sin for a believer.

I'm not saying it's a sin to use those resources when necessary, but we should never place an educated opinion of a person ahead of the clear teachings in Scripture.
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