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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
The theory that the more oxygen you can have in your circulation the better has been disproven at high altitudes.

Recently, they decided to test someone a little lower then the summit of Everest and discovered he only had 34% oxygen saturation. In theory he should not have been alive on so little.

Scientists say that this explains why lots of climbers who train to become the worlds most athletic people sometimes dont make the climb. Its not how much oxygen that you have, but how your body uses the oxygen it does have, and that is not dependant on physical training.

They believe that it depends on weather your body can mimick successfully the same type of life as experienced pre birth. Tests show that because babies need to share the oxygen with their mothers before birth, they are dependant on their mothers oxygen saturation, and that at sea level, the amount left over for the baby is about the same as a man breathing above 5K feet.

They say that if your body can use the oxygen in the same way it used the oxygen when you were in the womb, its possible to survive with shocking sats...and helps to explain how some of the most physically fit people, if they are unable to do this naturally, they will probably die or suffer more damage then others.

They havent yet been able to show what it is that allows some peoples bodies to remember and reenact, and some peoples bodies to collapse into hypoxia. Except to suggest that sometimes the mere training for oxygen efficiency can work against an athlete. in otherwords, if you know how to get the most oxygen out of the air, your body might try doing that at high altitude, when it really should not exert itself, whereas someone who hasnt trained, their body may automatically slip into this strange womb mode because it hasnt been taught to seek oxygen enrichment beyond that which is provided
Please explain what you mean by "womb mode". I am quite confused. The fetal circulation in the womb is totally different from the adult human. In that sense, one couldn't revert to "womb mode". Are you referring to fetal hemoglobin? Perhaps you could post the source article you are getting this from?
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