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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
So, if I say that it's wrong for a parent to punch their child in the face, is my opinion invalid because I don't have kids? What about a parent who sexually molests their child? Am I not allowed to have an opinion on that because I have no kids?

Of course, those are "common sense" examples that everyone should know are wrong (I'd hope).

However, where do you draw the line on what I am supposed to understand as common sense and what I can "never really know" because I've never been a parent? Or is it just whatever you happen to disagree with that I'm unqualified to speak out about?
I think what Brad is trying to say is that you have some very strong opinions on some subjects that you dont have alot of experience with. Its ok to state your opinion but you keep arguing about it. I dont think i can remember anywhere in the bible where Jesus argued with anyone.
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