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Default Sleep Paralysis - survey

Has anyone here ever experienced sleep paralysis?
Not just currently, but ever.

There's a difference between dreaming and starting to wake up, during which Acetyl-cohl-ay (or acetyl-cohl-ene) prevents you from moving until you actually do awaken. That's when I can feel my inability to move DURING a dream, and the sensation can wake me up, but during the dream, I'm not mistaking myself for being awake in the dream.

Real sleep paralysis is where you know you're awake and suddenly can't move. Some people get it even after a midnight pee when they're hopping back into bed. You might sense that you're not alone (more than just the spouse) or other additional experience. I've had it a few times, but not for years now. For the time being, never mind why I'm curious, but no, I'm not having any atm.

So, anyone, ever or current?

Because this is a broad topic, I'm gonna cross-post it in the woodshed, but it belongs in Christianity. (Please don't get mad Nate.)

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