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Originally Posted by que
rampage totally won this verbal assault and rashad looked like a tool in this video.i like how rampage kept it clean and when rashad crossed the line and said "motherf*****" rampage was like 'oookk you don't gotta say that' lol

"there's gonna be some more black on black crime!"
Quinton is a better at verbal sparring then he is at physical boxing.

He's fantastic...he's so quick and clever

like at the start Evans wasnt doing so bad, but Jackson had the right idea, repeat the same phrase, there was zero counter to that and then Evans sorta dissolved into just nodding appropriately...

Quinton clearly won that...though the end was a little bit off...he shouldnt have thrown the microphone coz they are expensive, but other then that. He controlled where the talking went, notice how he shut Evans down and ended the conversation by changing the conversation, he brought it to a respectable close and there was nothing Evans could do

He's also very human. He makes mistakes..but I think he's genuine...I just think you have to be careful about when to take him seriously. A defence mechanism he uses is his comic releaf, it stops people getting that close and pinning him down...what makes him loveable is he's not afraid to do things to embariss himself or laugh at himself...people find that refreshing.

Having said that...he's not mad like Mayhem Miller...he knows where to stop the funny games so he doesnt become a walking loon and a joke to others. He's also...smaller then he looks on TV in real life.

...and he dances to music...he's outrageous when he does that

I seem to remember Rashad wasnt too bad smack talking against Tito Ortiz at one of the press conferences though. I think its just that Quinton is on a "whole nother level" ahhahahahahahahaha

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