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Welldone cranfield foods for some big investments...will the PM stop the Trading Standards from blocking trade with the Orient please

He will arrange meetings to sort this problem out.

The Opposition accuses the Treasury of telling porkies over Rail fares...they promised an increase of no more then 1% above inflation...turns out the rial companies themselves have pushed fares to hit 11%

The power for them to do that was granted by the last labour Government says the Prime Minister pointedly

The opposition points out that whilst they introduced that means, they also closed the means off during their administration, thus if it exists, its by reintroduction from the present Government

Both ministers tell each other that they are wrong on their facts in this case

Winter Fuel is now cut for the elderly. ...The PM says he hasnt actually done that...yet

Nursing care in England is high, but thats no need to brush the problems with it under the carpet.

The Opposition finally brings up that bit of land beyond Hadrians Wall, declaring that the United Kingdom is better in Union then as two distinct Soverignties. He argues that rather then backing a dominance issue historically, perhaps the Government should stress the positives of the Union to Scotland itself, and show that she is better off within the Union for her own prosperity, regardless of English Rule.

"Frankly, I am sad that we are even having this debate, as I support the United Kingdom so strongly" replied the Prime Minister.

However, the conservatives feel that Scotland must be made aware of the legality of Independance, in otherwords, she must be made to realize that until she HAS independance, she is under British Rule...which means any Push for Freedom must be initiated by England NOT Scotland. At present, all she may do is ask please

Can the Government make false marriage a criminal offense.

Nottingham Police force are struggling with the cuts...can he please help release a special fund for them.

There has been an ammendment to the law following a specific murder case.

A scot Minister explains that the Nationals were ellected to power promising that the referendum would happen in the second half of their term. If they do it too soon they will have broken that vow. Naturally, they did not have the legal right to make such a promise in the first place

Care in crisis campaign from age concern is launched.

A postmaster has worked in his job for over 60 years...and is still going strong, aint that great? ...but cuts are making his job very hard. Shame!

How come the Deputy Prime Minister says that England will sign the European Treaty for federalization

The Prime Minister, basically says, he can say what he wants, but he's only the deputy

The deputy sitting next to him blushes slightly

At 23.09 MY OWN MINISTER FOR PARLIMENT, The Fantastic Conservative, The Right Honourable, Andrew Jones, speaks out against preditory capitalism. Andrew Jones and I were in correspondance over the winter of 2010 about part-buy/part-rent, and about the Benefits issues associated with that, and with Harrogate Borough Council who I was at war with during the time for several unrelated reasons. He was a real help

Women and cuts...related to industry. In this case, the Prime Minister will consider it.

Today marks the tenth annerversary of the founding of Guantanamo Bay "A dispikable institution" declares a minister. Apparently, one British National is STILL there

The Government responce was that they were helping the Obama Administration in the attempt to close the illegal prison camp, and that they are also trying to show they didnt conspire in any torture, through more public enquiries. Apparently that was all the Americans fault and if you buy that, you'll buy anything...we all know that Blair did whatever was asked of him under the Bush administration, and we also know he just loved to befriend evil its not a vast leap to accuse his government of torturing terrorists is it

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

more industry contracts.

When will we see caps on the wages of the idiots who sit at the top of multinational coorperations or financial institutions and do sweet FA

The government is trying to deal with this, and the welfare state, and NHS reform...its working against 13 years of shyte whilst the opposition rulled.

Israel has said it will go ahead with its new settlement. When will the British Government tell her off for being mean to the Palestinians...a la South Africa during aparthide and ethnic cleansing.

We Love Israel, We think she is doing wrong, but WTF do you expect us to do about it

FFS...can the Government congratulate the ever expanding cadet force in schools. NO...the Government should ban all pom-poms from school premises with imediate effect Can they get the reserve forces and the Cadets to go into deprived areas of the country and set up military accademies in the free school system. (bad idea...VERY bad idea)

but the PM thinks its a "Very, Very good idea"

The last question is shocking. Mrs S has been made redundant, and has had to go into rented accomodation on benefits. as they have just reformed the benefits they have cut hers by half.

Which does the Prime Minister think is most likely...that the landlord will reduce her rent by 50% or that she will be made homeless this year....
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