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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
Disrespectful curse words, what a tyrannical human being... I'm sure you have never been disrespectful or cursed in your life.

Also, I never said Rampage should not be forgiven for his mistakes, but don't tell me he "paid his dues in court". Any non-celebrity who did what Rampage did would most certainly be spending time in jail.

The Bible says a lot of things, and not a single passage in the good book says I have to root for Rampage in a UFC fight simply because he asked for forgiveness. If you wanna pull that card, we will be here all day going back and forth. Don't use the Lord's word to try and lessen what is a legitimate dislike for the actions of Quinton Jackson.

If being "disrespectful" is the best you can come up with for not liking Evans, so be it, but to me it's just not gonna hold a lot of water. Evans is not really doing anything that other fighters don't do too.

let me just say,tyrannical,WOW,i've been trying to work that word into a post for a long time now,you beat me to it though,i'm impressed.

dont mind me,just carry on with what you were doing.
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