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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Jens usually performs best when he's under a certain ammount of stress..when things arent going to well...when he has demons to fight. He works best in a situation thats a situation thats against statistical probability...When people say he definiately cant...thats when he's most likely to do...when people assume that he will do well...and he's carefree..when there is little riding on it...he seems to perform less well.

I think his perfomance is enhanced by stress and a doubting crowd.
I disagree. Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. (line from a song, lol) He has performed the best when he is at rock bottom and forgets to give a shyte; not necessarily when the odds are stacked against him. (Sometimes those have happened at the same time maybe.)

Originally Posted by Tyburn
...and I want him to be happy, I want the best blessings GOD can possibly bestow...those usually come with a win
I hope that isn't ever true for me.

Originally Posted by Tyburn

I might still be critical, I might not aggree with everything he says and everything he does. I possibly wouldnt make the same decisions he does at times. So dont protray me as someone who thinks he is perfect...far, far from it...but I accept his failures and his annoyances as being part of who he cant have the the complete package without the rough aswell as the smooth, the bad aswell as the good, the mistakes aswell as the success.

That is what I have been trying to tell you for years! Thank goodness you finally got it.

Originally Posted by Tyburn
I'm a fan. I hope to meet him in person later this year. I speak to him over email every so often. He knows who I am...and I know him, not in detail...but I am not a loon who rants about someone I've never had contact with. I'm not an obsessed stalker who just wants to upset him and harras him. I'm a loyal fan who loves him, I try in my own way to support him...and he has told me he appreciates the effort.

I hope perhaps you can understand
Sooo, are you saying that were you a ranting loon before you had contact with him?

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