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Oh...well he didnt lash out at me when I asked him the morning after the night before what he had learned from his first UFC loss

I have no idea of his spiritual state...that might be more to do with it...coz sometimes I get very strange answers when I ask fighters if they want to be placed on my prayer rota...sometimes its unusually hostile...and at those times I choose to add them whether they like it or not, because they evidently need it even if they dont want it.

Ulternatively it could have been coz of the Heamorage...Not meaning to be funny, but that sort of injury can leave permanent issues...and depending on WHERE the bleed out occured, it could conceivably effect someones character.
Very true indeed.. Don't get me wrong I don't wish him bad... I just particulary don't care for him that's me. The guy could win a Nobel Peace Prize and it would not change my outcome. I am very passionate I like or don't like... lol... But thanks for sharing the info as always Dave.
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