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Default Navy SEAL PWNS Jesse Ventura

This guy is AWESOME!

Perhaps you’ve heard of Chris Kyle. The former Navy SEAL and Dallas resident has a book out called American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History. The guy has more than 160 confirmed kills, two Silver Stars, and five Bronze Stars With Valor. Texas Monthly did a Q&A with him in its January issue. The Morning News has a Q&A with him in today’s paper. But both articles overlooked one very awesome anecdote. In doing his rounds to drum up sales of the book, Kyle made an appearance on Opie and Anthony yesterday. Opie asked Kyle to tell the story about the time in 2006 that Kyle punched out former SEAL and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura. Pretty good story, if true.
Link here

Video here from his interview on the Opie and Anthony show. (Warning, f-bomb dropped several times)

Chris Kyle is arguably the world's most dangerous man, a sniper extraordinaire and a patriot. I'm definitely buying his book, American Sniper.

WTH happened to Jesse Ventura? He's always one to jump in front of the camera but this story is news to me. Last I heard he was hanging it up and running off to Mexico after a judge's ruling on his airport security lawsuit. Or he was running for president. Or both. I just can't get over him dissing fellow SEALS at a memorial for one of their own.

Stay classy, Jesse!
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