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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I had never even heard of this before.

Kind of hard to imagine just how bad the English must have treated the Irish for them to consider Nazi Germany as the lesser of two evils.
A little like the United States believing France was the lesser of two evils...because they did not like who France were fighting against.

Ironically, the same reason for both.

Except that whilst the Irish stayed Neutral, the Americans did open trade in the pacific with France.

Those Soldiers were being treated like you might treat an American who sided with the British during your war of Independance.

The Republic of Eire wished to be granted its independance...and it was going through the process between the end of the first world war, and the end of the second world war.

She was better under us. Now she is ruined by the Euro. Largely controlled by the post war German Nation that, until England once again said NO, wanted a completely Unified Union of Europe...The Republic of Eire had already almost gone bankrupt by this point...and guess which Nation went and picked them up The evil British Oh the Irony
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