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I dont know much about Monte Cox to be honnest. I do know that he goes back a long way in his MFS affiliation so he is likely to have viewed Fighters when they first arrived, watched them develope, and seen them move on...which might make his wholistic analysis different. People change, so what Matt Hughes might have been ten years ago, is probably not what he is today, and probably wont be what he's like in ten years time.

I found him nice when I met him...he helpped me get my money from the bank when they originally wouldnt cash my travellers Cheques. I can only go on my own personal experience. But I would say there is a difference between Mercy and Weakness.

I dont think that Hughes would be a push over on matters that he actually held dear. I think he would be prepared to take hostile action to defend innocents. I think its quite possible that he even gets angry sometimes. Saying someone is "compassionate" also infers to the vast majority that they are weak, easily manipluated, and doormats that get walked on because they are to "nice" to object. I dont think Matt Hughes conforms to that particular definition.

...but then I dont know enough about Monte Cox to understand what context he is using this. So I'm just pontificating (if you pardon the pun)
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