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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
I may have changed my mind on this. Kids at that age are very centered on accepting and being accepted. There are all kinds of children's books about accepting others who are different. If I want my kids to accept kids of a different race, fat kids, deformed/disabled kids, why would I not want them to accept a child who by no fault of their own has two mommys or two daddys? They are going to learn about it anyway. Books are a tool for learning and opening doors to discussion with parents, not a replacement.
Why not just talk to your kids about the issue yourself instead of allowing them to read a book that is clearly trying to push an agenda? You can teach them that, while their "parents" are living in sin, it is not the child's fault and it's probably best to not mention the same-sex parents unless directly asked about it. Then they can simply state what the Bible says about homosexuality.
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