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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
First, M-1 is partly owned by Fedor...kinda hard for him to get out from under it.

Second, I don't see where you are coming up with Dana swallowing his pride if it means big money....who has he done this with aside from Tito?

If this conversation happened 2-3 years ago, sure I could see the possibility. Fedor is not worth that much to the UFC now and there is nowhere for him to go to prove his worth.
OK, true, but he's about as much in charge of M-1 as Flash Entertainment is in charge of the UFC. Let's be clear: it's Fedor's managers who run M-1 Global & those same managers are the ones that are effectively blocking him from getting into the UFC with their demands.

Off the top of my head: Brock, Randy, BJ, Overeem & Kimbo. All fighters he's talked $h!t about & said they'd never be in the UFC (again, in some cases), but then he welcomed them in (or back) with open arms.

I agree. A thrice defeated Fedor finally getting wins off UFC castaways & n00bs isn't too marketable. Since that means not much money, I don't see Dana eating any humble pie.
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