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I don't believe that. Dana has proved over & over that he's willing to swallow his pride if it means big money for the UFC. That being said, I don't think that he'll budge against M-1's co-promotion demand because there's no up-side in it for the UFC. Unless Fedor somehow gets out from under M-1, they will prevent him from coming to the UFC.
First, M-1 is partly owned by Fedor...kinda hard for him to get out from under it.

Second, I don't see where you are coming up with Dana swallowing his pride if it means big money....who has he done this with aside from Tito?

If this conversation happened 2-3 years ago, sure I could see the possibility. Fedor is not worth that much to the UFC now and there is nowhere for him to go to prove his worth.
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