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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
Doesn't matter. Most people go through life without having anything like this. This guy has issues like this at least once a year. It's not as if these things are happening to him out of sheer coincidence.

Each of us likely know or knew a person just like this in our own lives - always some sort of stupid childish, fighting drama and they blame it on everybody else. The guy is one of those - he's a sociopath.
Each incident is an individual occurrence. This may not have anything to do with his own behavior. It's wrong to rake something like this in with his past behavior.

I know a drug dealer that I've locked up several times, he was stabbed pretty badly once. I arrived at the ER and the nurses, dr., etc., were all like, "yep, another drug dealer getting what's coming to him during a bad deal, etc.". Little did they know he was stabbed by a mugger that he tried to stop from robbing an elderly lady while getting in her car from a shopping trip.

Food for thought.
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