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Puritanism was a 1500s thing also

I dont know when it reached your shores...but it was at a Height in England ONE CENTURY before your Independance. and began to be expressed in England around a century before that we are talking the 1540s here.

Let me explain. In England, King Henry Broke from the Church in Rome. Mary reversed the ballence to Catholicism, and then Elizabeth once and for all destroyed Rome in England. As soon as she had done that, the Reformation as far as Anglicanism is concerned was over. BUT Queen Elizabeth demanded that Faith be a personal thing...this gave rise in the late 1500s to thoughts that really one could worship GOD however they so chose.

By 1630 you had Presbyterians, as an established group to rival Anglicanism, and both groups wanted to be the State Religion. Presbyterians appeared to include the batch of people who believed that freedom of expression was important. The first part of the Civil War in England was Presbyterians Vs Church of England...all the Church of England peeps were Royalists, all the Presbyterians are Parliamentarians.

Once the King had been made to see the error of his ways by the Presbyterians, that little group of people who believed in Freedom to practise non denominational Christianity suddenly went mad. They wouldnt settle for peace. The second part of the Civil War was Presbyterian Vs Presbyterian. One would abide by a constitutional Monarchy so long as they could be State Religion.,..the other side not only wanted freedom of Christianity, they wanted not only a disestablished church..they wanted the end of the Monarchy altogether, and the instigation of a Republic.

They won, but the Republic was...not puritanical enough for the Military Elite. So the Republic collapsed, and the Puritans reigned supreme. Monarchy Hating, Land Conqurering, Imposition of Puritanical principles by way of a nasty type of Martial Law...its maybe the only time in the countries history that alcohol and gambling were technically well as swearing...they banned swearing....thats how puritanical they will. Then in 1660 the Military Dictator died...and the lower ranks of the army terned on its new leadership...

...and they were in such a pickle...they went back to the King, Back to the Church of England...and whilst presbyterianism thinks that was quite the end of that
Yeah I know the history pretty well. Did you forget I got a Masters degree in it. But like you said they are all fruit from the same tree. And in the forest there are a lot of trees and thus we have a lot of confusion. This is why I prefer to know nothing but Jesus Chrsit and Him crucified.
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