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Chris F
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No PTM it is still not working. I did as RD said and as far as I can tell the harddrive is detected. But no it will still NOT boot.

As for backing things up. It is a computer based program and you cannot save it onto a disk because it is copy written and the program does all the grading and such for you. If we cannot get it up and running she will have no real proof what she did and it will mess up transcripts for the future. Or she will have to do the whole thing over again.

As for getting the info off the hard drive that is expensive and with me out of work not an option. She may just skip to the next grade and work on my computer. Since she read at a college level she probably could skip it all anyway. I just really wanted her to learn it even if it bores her.

So does anyone know a way to boot it up or is it dead?
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