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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
No such thing. Children are still born under the curse of sin, so they are still guilty and deserving of judgement. Think of sin like a disease that's passed on to every child in the world at the moment of conception, then you can start to understand why Jesus needed to be born of a virgin to break the cycle of that disease.

The Bible never explicitly states what happens to children if they die. However when judgement was pronounced upon a civilization in the Old Testament, children were ALWAYS included in the judgement:

Ezekiel 9:5-6
To the others He said in my hearing, “Go after him through the city and kill; do not let your eye spare, nor have any pity. Utterly slay old and young men, maidens and little children and women; but do not come near anyone on whom is the mark; and begin at My sanctuary.” So they began with the elders who were before the temple.

Isaiah 13:13-16 (emphasis added)
Therefore I will shake the heavens,
And the earth will move out of her place,
In the wrath of the LORD of hosts
And in the day of His fierce anger.
It shall be as the hunted gazelle,
And as a sheep that no man takes up;
Every man will turn to his own people,
And everyone will flee to his own land.
Everyone who is found will be thrust through,
And everyone who is captured will fall by the sword.
Their children also will be dashed to pieces before their eyes;
Their houses will be plundered
And their wives ravished.

Children are not innocent.

In fact, I would argue that the younger a child is, the more of a picture of the "pure" sin nature they display. This is why newborns have the "I want it now!" mentality... all the time.

Anyways, this is a side issue. As for the topic of infant baptism, it's is absolutely not a form of salvation. It might be a form of dedication, but it should never be seen as a substitute for salvation. That child still needs to come to Christ on his/her own or they will go to Hell.

In fact, that's what I would consider the greatest danger of infant baptism is that it could give the parents and/or the child a false sense of security when it comes to his or her eternal destiny.
I actually regret saying that children are innocent, but I guess I meant in a pure-sense compared to adults - should have clarified that.

And not sure if you misunderstood that I didn't mean baptism is equal to salvation.

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