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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
baptizing infants imho, would be equivalent to giving them communion.....
Not really ...

by the logic you are using, i must respectfully point out, we could do anything and call it a "rite into the covenant"

that's not hardly fair or biblical
That's not what I said, but how where do you draw the inference in what I said about Abraham exactly?

doing something then claiming there is no specific scripture against it is backwards, i think we need a command TO do something, not come up with something and justify it by not having a command against it
Well, to be fair I never implied that if it isn't written it automatically becomes standard practice. I only mention that it isn't written that infant baptism is excluded because adult baptism proponents can't claim it is against scripture by specifically citing scripture.

but if you take only one thing from my post , let it be this..... you cannot impute Christ's righteousness on anyone else, baby or otherwise Christ is the only one who can impute His Righteousness aqnything else is not freewill.... also if we can impute His Righteousness on others, than what is keeping us from doing it for anyone we don't want to go to hell?
Well, again, I don't think I implied that you can ... what I said was Abraham brought these children into a covenant and "flagged" them essentially. It doesn't make them righteous, but it does mean they are specially noted due directly to the behalf of the caretaker.

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