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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN View Post
I agree with your statement! However, it has always been my understanding that baptism is a believers outward expression to the world of their inward spiritual rebirth. So I'm not sure a parent can make that expression for his/her infant. I'm no Theologian or Pastor, though. To be honest, I have never really thought much about the subject. I can only speak from my experience. My mom and dad had me "so-called" baptized when I was an infant in the Presbyterian Church. My mom explained to me that the Presbyterian Church called it baptism, but viewed it more like a dedication.
The ironic thing is though, I ended up living like the devil the first 22 years of my life. The Lord saved me when I was 23. I then took the next step in obedience and was baptized. At the time,which I still believe to be true..............I was told that baptism is my outward expression of my spiritual union with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection. So I guess my question would be if an infant cannot comprehend such things, what is the point of infant baptism?
-well, salvation and baptism are seperate issues, though the statement you made in bold is compelling. The way it was with Abraham indicates that an adult can supplant such a decision on behalf of a child ... elsewise the circumcisions were not actually covenantal. Thus the inference is reasonable in the spiritual sense.

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