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Originally Posted by Primadawn View Post
My 9 year old 3rd grader came home from school a few weeks ago with a book she said the librarian (the SCHOOL librarian) recommended to her. Her friend had tried to check it out, but her reading level restricts her to certain color-coded books. For my Maggie, her reading level is such that NO books in the whole library are restricted to her. This library services K-8!

The book? "Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret." Maggie's name is Margaret so the librarian thought that was "cute". Well, I read that book in 6th or 7th grade, so I knew it was totally inappropriate for a 3rd grader. It has references to girls getting their periods for the first time (which we haven't even discussed yet), references to looking at naked women in Playboy to see what they'll look like someday, and references to looking at diagrams of naked men in the encyclopedia.

I was livid! Sent a nice letter to the teacher and principal, along with the book, but haven't heard anything back yet. They have until the next school board meeting to respond, or we'll discuss it there.

I don't think it is safe any longer to assume that librarians or schools will protect your children. The story below is a case in point:

Sasha Grey, the porn star who outraged Los Angeles-area elementary school parents after she was invited to read to students last week, said Friday she will not stop reading to kids despite having “a past that some people may not agree with.”

Grey was participating in the National Education Association-sponsored “Read Across America” program at Emerson Elementary School in Compton, Calif., reading to first and third grade students. TMZ obtained photos of the actress — now retired from the adult film industry — interacting with children during the Nov. 2 event.

Parents reportedly complained about Grey’s involvement and her proximity to their children, but instead of acknowledging what happened, the school district denied she had been there at all. A representative from the district told TMZ, “We have several celebrities who read to our students each year. The actress you have indicated [Sasha] was not present.”

The district’s response was at odds with the photographs posted online as well as a message Grey posted on Twitter last week: “Spent the am with Read Across America Compton, reading to the sweetest 1st & 3rd grade students @ Emerson Elementary!”

After news of the incident spread Friday, Grey posted a statement online defending her participation in the program. She called promoting education and literacy “an effort that is close to my heart” and said she would continue to do so.

“I committed to this program with the understanding that people would have their own opinions about what I have done, who I am and what I represent,” she said. “I am an actor. I am an artist. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a partner. I have a past that some people may not agree with, but it does not define who I am. I will not live in fear of it.”
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