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Originally Posted by Play The Man View Post
At least I am not the only one. I guess I'm not crazy.

The bakery quip reminds of a funny incident. A number of years ago I was sitting in on a lecture by a distinguished researcher in the treatment of vascular wounds. Due to the subject matter, the lecture was a bit dry. There seemed to be an endless carousel of slides full of disgusting pictures of venous stasis ulcers. Here is a representative sampling:

When it seemed like he was losing the audience to boredom, he got to a very close-up picture of an ulcer. All of the sudden, he yelled out "Hey! There it is, I thought I lost it!" He hit the remote on the slide carousel and the next slide showed a wider shot of the previous slide picture - it was a picture of a breakfast Danish pastry! He said, "I've been looking for that pastry ever since breakfast this morning!" My retelling can't do his timing and dry wit justice. It was so out of left field that it caught me totally off-guard. I laughed so hard I spit coffee on my shirt . . . and I haven't forgotten the lecture all these years later.

Those pictures are awful! It's 7 in the morning here, I guess I can forget about breakfast now! You know you're totally ruining my love of danish, don't you!

Sex boxes with pastry parts and venous ulcers...I can't wait to see what's next!
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