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Originally Posted by gymcoach97 View Post
Hey, you never gave me an update - how is the book?

Declan Connolly did a "webinar" for the NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association) a couple months back. If the book is good, then I may pay to watch his webinar. Plus, I get CEU's for my training certifications.

Let me know.

The book was fantastic! When I was reading it in front of my bf he got all excited because he actually knew one of the guys who wrote it. He is a rower and had gone to Vermont to do the testing. He said those guys really know their stuff and he learned a lot. The book is easy to read and is very in depth with the whats and whys of doing heart rate training. I've added in some weight training to the routine now and am having great results. You should really watch the webinar. I would and I don't get CEUs!


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