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The best founder to read from who is not well known is Fisher Ammes. He actually penned the 1st amendment and when they were debating it on the floor he was the most vocal and sadly people have no clue who he is and even worse they have no idea the true meaning behind the 1st amendment.
Thanks man! I'll keep the little e-mail the server sent as a reminder for Fisher Ammes. True meaning? Great! I hope he clears up rumours I've heard, such as that "they" (founders) meant any form of reformed protestant religion, in contrast to other rumours.

Right now, I'm reading Mark Dever, Bruce A. Ware, Warren Smith, soon Strassman's book on DMT, & then Angus Buchman's biography. Variety! If you have another recommendation or 2 on the Founders that I can get to eventually, then go ahead and post or PM me.
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