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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
the problem is that the country .. yours and mine .. has decided to make it so you cannot discriminate against kids with same sex parents, gay kids ... they have books for kids on divorced parents, having two sets of parents .. those are not age appropriate either imo... but they have them for kids .. if i am a kid who has same sex parents and see a kid that can get a book on divorced parents, why shouldn't i be able to find a book that mirrors my life? someone mentioned it goes discriminates against christians or something along those lines .. i disagree .. i can still go the library and get kids books on the bible, church etc ... like i said, i don't see an issue with it ... i see your point, but if my kid has any questions about other peoples lifestyles, i would hope they would ask .. and i would do my best to give an answer in a non-hateful manner .. LOL
I think one of the issues for me is that the book was not on the shelf, it was put on display, at the eyesight level of a 4-5-year-old. It was not kept for a resource for a particular child to check out if that child should be in that particular situation. It was put on display for all children and targeted at a very young age. Subsequently, another book was put on display with subject matter that I don't find appropriate for youngsters. I get what you are saying about divorced children, etc. However, unfortunately, divorce is a problem that is widespread and might be pertinent to one-quarter to one-third (or even one-half ) of the children. Gender identity disorder is quite rare. Lesbianism is quite rare (~1%), married lesbians rarer, and married lesbians with multiracial adopted children rarer still. I also didn't mention that this library is across the street from a large, private Christian school. The school is probably one of the largest suppliers of child patrons (and volunteers) for this particular library branch. The neighborhood is mostly old people and children - it is not Berkeley or the Castro. I would doubt there is a married lesbian couple with children in the surrounding area.
Many of these books are justified because they supposedly address bullying. I am all for protecting kids from bullying, including effeminate kids or kids with lesbian parents; however, bullying is very widespread and is not reserved for sexual orientation. Kids are bullied for: being fat, being thin, being hairy, having glasses, being black, being white, being brown, being yellow, having an accent, being smart, being dumb . . . you get the picture. I can remember reading a book about bullying as a preschooler (I can't recall the book title but it was about a rabbit being bullied for having a fat father. I can recall the chorus: "You're smaller than a daisy! Your father is fat and lazy!" [PTM editorial note: Blade, I do know the difference between "You're" and "Your" - I actually learned it in pre-school from the rabbit book.]. Why not resurrect the rabbit book about bullying and avoid involving children in grown-up culture wars?
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