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rnc, the big problem with these books is...they are not age-appropriate. Why on earth does a 5 year-old need to know about different sexual preferences? Maybe I'm wildy out of touch but when we were 5 we had no clue about anything sexual.

But the left just wants to shove this stuff down everyone's throat, regardless of personal feelings or beliefs. Just more nanny-state BS.
the problem is that the country .. yours and mine .. has decided to make it so you cannot discriminate against kids with same sex parents, gay kids ... they have books for kids on divorced parents, having two sets of parents .. those are not age appropriate either imo... but they have them for kids .. if i am a kid who has same sex parents and see a kid that can get a book on divorced parents, why shouldn't i be able to find a book that mirrors my life? someone mentioned it goes discriminates against christians or something along those lines .. i disagree .. i can still go the library and get kids books on the bible, church etc ... like i said, i don't see an issue with it ... i see your point, but if my kid has any questions about other peoples lifestyles, i would hope they would ask .. and i would do my best to give an answer in a non-hateful manner .. LOL
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